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No skills wot so eva

Nice, you stole the Kamehameha part from the saiyan saga when goku does 20x kaiokan to vegeta, and all the other scenes were ripped from movies and dbz episodes merged in one.

Nice tracing, nice to see its been 6 years without a release wonder why? copyright violation or... just cant animate because u cant be bothered to trace..

Wow, you impressed me!

That looks awesome, loved the storyline!
Just in future don't copy scenes try make up your own, try to not make them look like existing characters.. But it gave me the wibe jibies! Especially the music!!

10/10 Superb!

Wonderful piece of work, everything worked perfectly.
Tips for future:
Stick to a consistent style of drawing, brush seems better then line but it's harder, other than that.. WOAH!

hrechkaness responds:

yeah ive come to notice that. I do like the brush its for more of "artsy" kinda work but it is a lot harder to use and edit so i do actually prefer the line tool. That was more of an experimental type of animation style but the sequal is all going to be done with the line tool.

Correction Blob1212

Sorry to disappoint you but the person who created DBZ aka Akira Toriyama made a statement about this issues with a number of concerns.
- In dragonball z he said Gohan is indeed mystic but he is in his normal state, he has just raised his powerlevels and didn't release the super saiyan identity. However he deliberately coloured his eyes cyan/blue/green (whatever) to the transformation stage.
- Gohan has only released his mystic power within him, like in the vegeta saga, frieza saga, cell saga his power within, that he couldn't control, totally random.
- Elder Kai only unlocked the power with him, therefore he can control it, he said "do your super saiyan thingy already". People miss take this as Gohan being at his highest powerlevel, this is not the case.
- Akira had later plans after the Buu saga (boo jap), but was cancelled due to the installation of GT. However he supervised it so they would not destory the dragonball legacy.
- Akira didn't develop the SSJ4, but gave them ideas. DBZ saiyan levels are: Lower Class Saiyans, Elite Class Saiyans.
Super Saiyans: 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, Full power.
Super Saiyan 2
Super Saiyan 3: (pure "hearted") Apparently vegeta was rumoured to reach this after his majin prince darkness episode was over due to the fact Goku and him are close friends after the buu saga but due to the installation of GT they skiped what potentially could of happened, its a shame i guess. (Can't source this, but makes logical sense.)

BTW if you see the orginal dragonball z episodes the ones america cut out the storyline would be even more confusing!!!

But yeah, technically Majin Ryan is correct, you can debate this all day but it won't solve anything!! BTW 10/10, 5/5, nice Saiya-namek preview!!


it looks like he pulled the cookie out his ass lol


Poor, graphics bad, doesnt make sense , you should invest time practising, this looks like u made it in a few hours and u were just practising, in future submit something u think is worthy,.

micky315 responds:

gtfo ng benny

Very short trailer..

It was very short, so i can't really comment on how the finale will portray, you need to work on file compression, obtain some flash optimisers 1.2MB way to big. Even at low quality it was god danm slow, nice movie but it's not that convincing for me to see the final product. Work on the storyline portrayed in the preview.

Athi responds:

I don't need an optimiser.
The original file size for this movie was 230kb, but because it is a trailer I increased the sound quality to raw footage. I'm pretty sure it would have lost a lot of it's impact on people, if the base of the sound were compressed.
Anyways, thanks :)

Not bad

You got a lot of work cut out, it was alright like you said 'satisfactory'. Maybe need to improve your graphics, decrease volume of some stuff, if i could work on it, would be great. Well done.

3/5 5/10

Dew responds:

Bah. Like to see you do some better things. >_>


Well that was funny, the lip syncing might be off because it's a huge file, if you obtain some flash optimisers it should be okay. Also if people have crap computers tell them to put the quality on medium, because it was fine on mine! Great job lol.

I part time flash animate when im bored.. :D

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